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Things have definitely gotten tougher for some businesses in recent times, especially since the Global Financial Crisis and also the ever growing internet usage that is giving the public the ability to purchase online from anywhere in the world.

One of the most overlooked things for the business person is determining the effectiveness of their advertising.

As I have said on earlier posts the No.1 reason for businesses "going down the gurgler" is a lack of marketing knowledge and therefore effective marketing application.

That is not something I am making up to BS you because I work in this field, it's a genuine fact.

The fact is that the majority of business owners have never studied advertising and marketing and have just left it for the Yellow Pages, magazine, newspaper "experts" to come up with the "perfect" ad.

Today I was reading the newspaper and about half the display ads in them were so lacking with what is required in an effective ad that it's astounding these businesses are still trading. And these were $3,000-$10,000 ads!

The most important part of any print ad is the headline and half of these ads had the business name as the headline. If you look through the Yellow Pages you will also find about half the display ads have the business name as the headline.

You factually have 0.7 seconds to capture the prospective customer's attention and it is the headline they look at first.

They don't give a darn about your business name as they want to know what BENEFIT they can get or what THEY might be missing out on or losing when they look at an ad, and the first place they look is at the headline.

That is vital info. in any print formats i.e. Yellow Pages, pamphlets, flyers, magazines or newspapers and just by creating an emotional response, benefits driven, or even a fear of loss driven headline, and putting your business name and contact details at the bottom of your various ads, you will have FAR MORE business and therefore profit.

That is just one vital neccessity in a print ad and there are about seven more components nearly as important as an effective headline. The usual average for most businesses is to have two of these components in their ads, which is costing them a fortune! 

Not all these rules apply to online advertising, but some do, and that goes for TV and radio advertising too.

So what I am willing to do is do a FREE review of your advertising to find out how you can maximize value from your hard earn-ed advertising buck, and get as much as a 200-300% increased (if not more) inflow of business and income.

Of course I am going to say I can knock out some rip snorting, door busting ads for you, but that is up to you if you want me to do that for you. What I can say is I only charge hundreds, unlike the big ad agencies that will usually charge you thousands for their services.

At least you will find out if your advertising is effective or not as there are no obligations.

So just email me back on and we can work out that FREE advertising analysis for you but I can only do 7 assessments a month as I have so many clients as it is now, so please get back to me within 3 days if not sooner on reading this.

All the best,
Jeff Brown

P.S. It's worthwhile in considering things are only going to get tougher (if you are reading this and live in Australia) since Treasurer Joe Hockey and the Liberals brought out the new Budget recently.

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