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Nothing stays the same in this world and you just have to look at the Holden announcement to see that, and you will find the only constant there is, is change.

Complacency is one of our great enemies in business and one thing to combat that is to have clear-cut goals (business and personal) mapped out with plans to achieve them.

Now the New Year is upon us this is the time to work these out and then actually write them down and pin them up on your office wall or in your home so you are constantly reminded what your goals are and how to reach them via plans (what you put your attention on and energy into is what you get so have your goals and plans visible, not in a drawer, or worse still, just in your head).

Goals give you direction and lessen confusion. Here are two great quotes from some old time scribes - ''Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.'' ...E. Joseph Cossman and ''Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.'' ...Fitzhugh Dobson.

We are living in a more globalized world and a lot more businesses in the wealthier countries are moving their operations overseas where they save massively on labor costs and many new businesses are opening up online, so now more than ever if we are to survive and prosper in business, we need to get as fully professional as possible.

The big players in business and organizations (i.e. sporting clubs) are constantly assessing their goals, plans, statistics etc. so it's time to follow suit in this tougher business world rather than ending up out of business.

Anyway, got to go as I have to write up those goals and plans for business and personal improvement for 2014. Hope you do too as it is a very successful action. 

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