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Joe Hockey - Stick Your Budget!

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To all the many overseas subscribers and viewers of this site who are not aware of who Joe Hockey is, he is the Treasurer of the current Australian government who recently handed down the toughest Budget in recent Australian history.

Australia was probably the least effected by the 2008 Global Financial Crisis than any other Western country because we are a huge mineral rich country (especially supplying iron ore to the Chinese) and only have a small population of 23 million people to feed, and in fact it is estimated there are well over 80 million kangaroos in Australia, so we humans here are outnumbered by our Skippy friends by 4 to 1!

But the same thing that has happened in the U.S. and Europe is now happening here with the erosion of our manafacturing sector in a bigger way, with the majority of it going overseas to cheaper labor countries in Asia.

And it is not just manafacturing but also service industries such as telemarketing too, with for example all the telephone companies here now having most of their workforce in The Philippines, and not to mention we also get a plethora of calls weekly from Indian telemarketers trying to sell anything from funeral plans to computer security.

These service and sales jobs were once held by Australians, but no more, and now, within the next couple of years, we are going to lose the Ford and General Motors manafacturing plants which are going overseas and will create far more unemployment for the people working in those companies and all the related companies, from the car parts companies, to even the little mom and pop food shops near those companies.

So Joe told us in no uncertain terms with his ''toe cutting'' Budget that the party is over and he cut costs across the board and even is bringing in policy that people on the Dole have to work for it, and won't be getting a free ride any more, courtesy of you, the hard working tax payer. That is a good thing in my opinion as long as it does not go overboard into a slave wage situation and is only part-time work. 

Now, there are two ways to go on this and I am finding out through the many business owners I contact weekly that they are following one of these paths.

There is the reactive, pessimistic business owner who does nothing but sprout doom and gloom by saying how bad it all is and does not change their operating basis, and in fact usually takes the worst option of cutting their marketing budget (which is proven by the fact a lot of the top end marketing companies are downsizing), or there is the business owner who looks at the situation as an impetus to get better as a business, be extra efficient, be extra helpful and courteous to their clients/customers, to improve their marketing to make it more effective, to train their staff more often, to engage their staff with weekly, monthly prizes for performance etc,, and to even get rid of the chronic low producers and hire people who have gratitude they have a job and are willing to work consistently hard.

So it is important to decide which group you are are going to be a part of - the reactive, pessimistic victims who blame the government and the world for their woes, or the rational, causative, optimists who believe rightly that their destiny is in their own hands and who don't let the economic envirnoment effect them and laugh in the face of adversity and look at it as an inspiring challenge.

I will be writing a book soon on the de-industralization of the Western world with solutions to solve the problem and will have it available on this website by the end of the year but in the meantime I recommend you read some of the earlier articles on this website starting with the first one, which goes over the importance of a positive mindset, and also I recommend you read the free ebook on this site too, and look at the ad examples at the end of the text of the ebook.

Here are a few quotes that may be of help to you:

"If you expect the government to solve your problem, you have a problem.'' ...Robert Kiyoski

"A pessimist see's the difficulty in every opportunity and an optimist see's the opportunity in every difficulty.'' ...Winston Churchill

"If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business.'' ...B C Forbes

Stay positive always as positive thoughts are the only thing that create positive actions just as negative thoughts produce only negative actions.

All the best,

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