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If You Run A Business You Are Great!

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Sometimes we can get down on ourselves and our business and feel we are not successful, or at least not as successful as we feel we ought to be.

Something that is worth reminding yourself of is that not even 1 in 50 people in society are business owners or entrepreneurs and this is because they don’t have the confidence, toughness and/or the responsibility level that you do. (Of course there are many employees that have very responsible jobs, too).


Even being a salesperson is a special thing and no more than 1 in 15 people can do that, as they are either too afraid to deal with strangers, can’t communicate very well, don’t like people much, or they are terrified of rejection!

Quite simply, you are a powerful being and a leader, and if you have been in business any substantial length of time, you are a success no matter where your business is at.

Nonetheless, if your business is down trending or in trouble and you have looked at every aspect of it with a critical mind and a microscope and still can’t work out why it is doing badly, the thing to do is look at how you can add value for your customers.

A mistake some business owners make is to “chase money’’ or “make money’’ instead of thinking how they can better service their customers and add value.

The amount of money you make is dependent and in direct ratio to the quantity and quality of service you give!

A hypothetical example of bad service is a used car lot owner who sells people “old bombs’’. Used cars lots are constantly going in and out of business more than just about any other business because they so often give poor value to their customers.

Whether your business is doing good or bad it is a smart idea to get off the shop floor now and again, and work out how you can add value to what you sell and/or deliver. If you have a reasonable sized business you can no doubt get ideas from some of your executives, but if you have a small business you have to “crack your brains’’ yourself.

A good way to do this is to look at what your competitors are doing, simply by checking out as many of them as you can by looking at their websites. You can imitate what successful businesses are doing, or even better is to work out what you can do to better them by working out your own ideas.

But always keep in mind your greatness in being a business owner or entrepreneur in the first place, as if you bet on a 50/1 racehorse and won, you would be greatly happy. It’s good to remind yourself of this now and again, especially when things are tough....

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