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How To Dramatically Boost Sales From Your Website With One Small Action!

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Most shoppers these days go straight to the internet for their information, so it is vital that your website creates an impact and turns shoppers into buyers.

The fastest growing trend of recent times for retail businesses to greatly expand their sales from their website traffic is to put a short profile/product video on their home page (20-30% extra sales on average are coming from doing this, per stats!).

 People love to see who they are dealing with and what they have to offer, as reality of who they are dealing with and trust are keys in this day and age.

In a time poor world with the high price of fuel as well, the potential customer wants CERTAINTY before they get in their cars to shop.

Usually the owner or a senior manager is the one who is in the video but also another effective video (for the shyer types who don't want to be on video) is pictures of one's business, staff, products etc. with voice over from the owner or a staff member.

Video can also be used for specific sales or events the business is having. Educational or instructional videos also work well especially if the business sells tools, materials and parts. (Go to my website www.affluencemarketing.net and click on the Haughton Honda advert on the right side of the page to see an excellent product video). For accommodation and holidays, videos of destinations and hotel/motel interiors, hotel/motel restaurants etc. are big winners too.

We now offer this service to local Adelaide retail businesses and if you are outside of Adelaide we can still make a video of photos you have (just email them to us) and we can do voice over too, based on what you want said.

The usual charge for companies doing this is $2,000-$3,000 but we are for a limited time offering far less than that and just contact me on or 08 8212 5109 for a quote. 

In a tougher business world because of the worldwide availability of retail through the internet, it makes good sense to use the internet fully to your advantage and not get left behind by the businesses that do!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

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