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Good Riddance Carbon Tax Con!

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Just the other day the Prime Minister of Australia announced that the carbon tax that was brought in by the last government a year or so ago has been axed by his government, much to the joy of the Australian people.

This whole thing about man made global warming caused by carbon emmisions is a giant con and the majority of the people of Australia know that and just a quick google of the words "Agenda 21" or "Climategate Emails" blows Al Gore's fraudelent theories to pieces.

 As a matter of a fact the globalists behind this con have had to back pedal in recent years because although there is record heat in many places around the world, there is also record cold weather in many places too, so they changed the wording from global warming to clim-ate change, and even villify "climate change deniers".

Why are they trying to do this with people like Al Gore, Prince Charles, David de Rothschild and other billionares who live in big power sucking mansions and palaces and own big polluting oil companies or have shares in them, prancing around the world telling us we have to cut back our energy usage and basically go back to a nineteenth century lifestyle while they stay rich and pollute as much as they want?

It is because the Western financial system is broke (and corrupt to the core with trillions of debt in fraudelent derivatives) and they have sent most of our industry overseas and they are trying to bring in a new system to replace the near defunct World Reserve Currency, the U.S. Dollar, by bringing in an energy allowance and allocation system based on our consumption, and the only "money" they want us to use will be either credit/debit cards or "allocation cards", like the poor in the U.S. use to get their food, or digital money such as Bitcoin.

This is the reason why they are putting smart meters on people's homes worldwide so that they can control their consumption based on this carbon lie and why they are trying to get control of the food supply by bankrupting farmers and centralizing the food supply through the big multi national companies.

It is nothing more than what has happened throughout history time and time again; the mega wealthy billionaires who secretly control most of the world trying to stay in power and keep us as impoverished as possible using lies to do so.

But because of the internet the tide is turning as these "elite" are losing their power as people no longer buy their lies, as there are so many whistleblowers and astute researchers exposing these characters and their dirty tricks and lies. The best sites I know of that expose this stuff and I look at every day are "The Financial Armageddon" and also "infowars.com".

So, as a business owner, just realise where things are at worldwide because every day I speak to business owners and many tell me how they are struggling and "nobody has money" and they don't know why.

Sure, these gangsters in high places have wrecked our economy and sent our jobs off shore in the West but through proper marketing knowledge and application, great service, and training of one's staff regularly, you can survive and thrive in these times, as even in the Great Depression there were many businesses thriving.

In a 100 years time people will still need clothes, food, homes, home appliances, transport, will want to travel and have leisure products etc., so just keep on promoting hard and smart and offering good service and products and everything will turn out right for you whilst the criminal "elite" get what's coming to them (the 15th suicide this year of a top level banker happened yesterday in the Goldman Sachs bank!) and we will start to build a better world through the amazing knowledge that is being shared through the internet.

The secret to freedom in business or life is to always be aware, positive and upbeat no matter what, be proactive, and to concentrate on what you can control and not be a victim and blame others, and if you follow that, you will thrive and prosper!

All the best,

P.S. Also get proactive and google "Agenda 21 for Dummies Youtube" to find out their plans and then expose them by sharing it.

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