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Control Your Business, Don't Let It Control You!

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Well, we are fast winding down to XMAS and a new year. It seems like time is going by quicker each year, doesn't it?
I have spoken to hundreds of business owners and managers this year and I really respect these people as it takes guts to run a business in an increasingly tough market and also to deal with employees, customers, suppliers, external salespeople, tax agents, governments etc.

It is no wonder that so many business owners/managers get flustered these days but I find there are two types of business owners, generally speaking.

The one's that really get flustered and overwhelmed with their business usually lack clear cut written goals with deadlines and plans and therefore lack direction, which causes a lot of their overwhelm and stress. It is vitally important to have a business plan and marketing plan. Even if your goal is to just beat the income of last year with a plan to do it, it's better than nothing.

The other type of business owner knows exactly where they are going and have their goals with deadlines and plans and steps to reach those goals written down in a business and marketing plan, and they usually reinforce those goals and plans through regular meetings with their staff in order to have everyone on the “same page’’ and going in the same direction with the same high purpose.

Now, I think there is a balancing act involved in this because there are plenty of businesses I am finding that get “meeting happy’’ and are doing more talking than producing and often end up broke and out of business because of that! Some bosses just love to hear their own voices and be the centre of attention, I guess!
So what I am relaying to you here is firstly to get your goals with deadlines and plans for your business firmly in place for the new year (before it starts) in a written format that you can view daily (including a marketing plan and if you go to my free ebook on this site at the end of it there is a section on how to create a simple marketing plan).

A good analogy in regards to goals with deadlines and plans is; if you are climbing a mountain and your goal is to reach the top then you have direction towards that top and you will keep going despite the obstacles that you may well confront. The more lacking in business goals (and therefore directionless type business owners) owners are much more easily flustered or even stopped in their tracks by obstacles and wind up being far less productive with plenty of backlogs and incomplete projects and therefore less production. A good recipe for eventually going out of business.Secondly, get that producing/meeting balance more refined so that your production is optimum. Don’t spend all day in meetings trying to impress others and don’t have no meetings at all keeping your staff in the dark about where and how your business is travelling as they will feel disconnected to some degree, which will effect their production. Of course, some business owners are not naturally confident born communicators so you need not get hung up on doing a two or three hour meeting where you are expertly addressing your staff, but maybe just do a five minute pep talk at the start of every week and a ten minute "production info meeting" at the end of the week, over a few cheese or dips on crackers and potato chips.

So have a great XMAS and a happy and safe New Year and if you need any marketing advice please contact me at any time. Let's all have a super productive 2015 by taking control of our destiny as above!

I will leave you with these quotes by E. joseph Cossman “Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goals’’ and Zig Ziglar “Others can stop you temporarily – you are the only one who can do it permanently’’.
Thank you.
All the Best,


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