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9 C's Of Business Success

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What are the keys to having a successful business and staying in business for a long time?

There are many things that are important and I will name 9 of them and they all coincidentally start with the letter ''c''. Of course, you could probably think of a lot more but these are key ones that if applied, will hold you in good stead.

Clarity - The most important thing to consider in business (or any undertaking in life) is to have a clearly defined purpose of why you have the business in the first place. Without clarity of purpose and goals you will be like a ship without a rudder going around in circles. It is always a good idea to review where you are at with your business by reviewing your purpose, plans and goals.

Commitment - If you are not fully committed to your business it will struggle. Clarity of purpose is often what is missing or it even may be you have the wrong purpose and you may want to get into a new type of business altogether. So a review of your ideas about your business and in what direction you want to take it or what new type of business you may like to do if you have loss desire and commitment towards the current business.

Courage - It takes guts to run a business and that is why only about 1 in 50 people can do so! We all have our ups and downs, adversities and problems and by committing to a business we have no choice but to confront those things and deal with them or else we will sink. Personally, I see these problems as learning experiences and learn from these experiences so that I don't repeat the mistakes I made that got me into the problem in the first place.

Caring - Above all you have to be caring of your customers/clients needs, else if you are not they are most likely going to go to your competitors. Also, it is important to be caring towards your staff and any other people you are dealing with in your business. The way you look after and treat your staff is usually how they look after and treat your customers/clients. If you are indifferent to them they will more than likely be indifferent to the customers/clients. I see it all the time in businesses.

Confidence - You have to have confidence in your product or service and you have to also have confidence and belief in yourself. Also, you have to have confidence in your staff and that comes from proper training of them and even some discipline if need be (if they are ''slacking off'', unfriendly to customers/clients etc.).

Competence - This comes from regular training and following routines. Another thing is study of things in your field such as the latest products and trends. Good leaders are readers and poor leaders "know it all''.

Communication - This is the bedrock of any activity when it comes to dealing with people and it is very important to listen as much as talk. You would be amazed how many companies don't listen to their customers. Also, listen to your staff, too.

Co-operation - A business has to have all staff on the "same page'' and that comes from clarity of purpose of their job and what is required of them from you. Also, you may have to play "chaplain'' at times if any conflicts arise amongst the staff and also you may have to use discipline at times, too.

Constant Creation - The old saying "you have to drive your business or be driven out of business'' stands true. As a leader you have to have personal initiative and make things happen. The best businesspeople keep up with the trends and are always looking for new ways to improve their businesses, too. Stop learning and your creativeness will get curtailed and if you are not creating you will end up going down eventually.

Hope this has given you a few ideas and if you do apply the 9 c's fully, your life will be a lot less stressful and your business a lot more profitable!

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